Dragon Dash

Dragon Dash 2017 was a big success!

More than $31,000 was raised at this year’s Dragon Dash, totaling over $300,000 since the first dash! A special thank you to Tara Michaels and all the volunteers at Kelly and Linntown for organizing this event. Also, thank you to our students and families for raising money for the PSA.

What is it?

The Dragon Dash is the annual Lewisburg Elementary PSA fundraiser. Held in February, the Dragon Dash involves all Kelly and Linntown students. After collecting tax-deductible donations from sponsors, the students walk/run laps around the gym for 15 minutes. Fun is had by all as music blares from the loud speakers, the principals, teachers and Bucknell athletes run alongside the students, and our own Lewisburg Dragon mascot makes an appearance to cheer on the runners!

How can parents participate?

Parents can come and cheer on their child the day of the Dragon Dash. Schedules will be handed out in advance so you know when your child will be in the gym. Only students and staff will be allowed to participate in the event, however. Parents are also encouraged to volunteer at the Dragon Dash. Help is needed organizing the classes as they enter/exit the gym, handing out water, etc.

What happens to the money raised?

In the past dash years, the PSA has raised over $300,000 through the Dragon Dash! The money raised is used to support school programs, special assemblies, and purchases that benefit Kelly and Linntown students, including:

  • Teacher (Educational) Grants
  • Anti-Bullying Program
  • Arts and Enrichment Programs
  • Support of Field Trips
  • Family Directories
  • Book Fairs and Book Swap
  • Staff Appreciation
  • Summer Reading Program
  • …. and more!