One-to-One Solution

One-to-One Computing Solution

On August 22, 2013, the Lewisburg Area School District Board of Directors voted to approve a One to One Computing Solution for the Lewisburg Area High School. This decision followed a presentation at the previous Board Meeting that outlined why the program is needed, the benefits of such a program and how this program will help to accomplish the District Vision Statement; “The Lewisburg Area School District is a learning community that prepares each child individually to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.” 21st Century skills that are critical to students’ future success include communication and collaboration; creativity and innovation; development of the ability to think critically; and advanced problem solving opportunities.

Documents and Forms
LASD Policy 815 (Acceptable Use of Computer Networks)
2016-2017 LASD Laptop Guidelines
2016-2017 User Agreement Form (Signed forms and payment may be returned to the HS or MS Office).

Informational Handout (Sept 2013)
Informational Session Handout
Laptop Applications


Contact: Daniel Schrader