Student Transportation

The School Board recognizes its responsibility to safely transport all eligible resident students to schools operated or supported by the district and to safely transport some eligible students to private schools in accordance with law. Currently the district contracts with Rohrer Bus for transportation of students to and from school, fields trips, and extracurricular activities.  The district also transports eligible resident students who are enrolled in non-public schools within the distance prescribed by law.

Every child in the Lewisburg Area School District is assigned to a school but whether they use the service or not.  This is critical in the event of an emergency such as a quick evacuation of a school.  All parents and students should know their bus assignments even if they do not ride on a regular basis..

Please contact Mrs. Paula Young, Transportation Official, at (570) 522-3202 for information regarding bus routes, times and stops. Information will not be posted publicly on this website due to security concerns.

New High School Update:
When construction is completed on the new Lewisburg Area High School, bus service will begin for students who live in the borough of Lewisburg. Information about the bus service will be mailed to parents and students just before the transition to the new building in November / December 2016.

Alternate Transportation Form (pdf)