November 2023

The month of November is among my favorites. It invites into our schools the changing of seasons, the movement forward in our school year, and a purposeful time for expressions of gratitude.

A number of years ago when I served as the principal at Linntown, we read morning announcements aloud to the school. Our student reader one morning shared our prepared piece about developing an “attitude of gratitude,” and I remember how even the sound of the catchphrase sparked students’ thinking about gratitude and appreciation. Our school counselor wove the sentiment into classroom lessons, and our teachers worked with activities to show how children could express gratitude in words and actions towards one another and their families. We can again surely benefit in revisiting this concept often and share our actions and sentiments of gratitude.

It is my good fortune to be serving the Lewisburg Area School District and our community as Superintendent. It is indeed my privilege to work with an amazing staff and wonderful students every day. I also have opportunity to share and reflect the good work and service of our staff in my work with our community. I am always proud to be present at our sporting events, music concerts, theater productions and the like. I am also privileged to be present in our schools, in our classrooms and hallways and witnessing firsthand the teaching and learning that opens the minds and pathways for our students. They are engaged and their interest and enthusiasm are not only palpable, they foster joy and assurance of our stated vision and mission as a district. We are reaching and teaching, piquing curiosity and fostering a love of learning, meeting needs and providing supports. It is gratifying to say the least, and rewarding beyond measure.

So as we move through November and our second quarter of the school year, please know the “attitude of gratitude” has been shared this month in our schools through Veteran’s Day observances, the dedicated and tireless energies of our teachers and supporting staff, our fall plays, and many more learning activities. We are indeed most fortunate and I humbly express gratitude and appreciation for our work in service to our students. 


Ms. Cathy Moser
[email protected]

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