Eighth/Ninth Grade Job Shadowing


As part of your child’s Career Education, he/she is required to participate in a job shadowing experience.  This is a great opportunity for students to get an inside look at a career that they may want to pursue in the future.  Students receive this job shadowing packet in their 8th grade FCS class.  It is also available in their Career Cruising account.  https://www2.careercruising.com/default/cplogin/LASD  Job shadowing would involve visiting a business in our area for one day (approximately five hours) to observe an employee or employees and the jobs they perform.  This experience is observation only.  Students along with parents are asked to make arrangements for the job shadowing and transportation to and from the job site.

Dr. Zack, District Career Counselor (zack_b@lasd.us) can assist anyone who has been unsuccessful finding a site to job shadow, however, students and parents should have made at least three attempts to different sites to try to secure a job shadowing experience.  Students should align their job shadowing with their career interests that they have been exploring in FCS class.  Students should not job shadow their parents but may job shadow someone else at the parents’ place of work.

Job shadowing is a coordinated effort among the middle school and high school.  Job shadowing needs to be complete by the start of the student’s ninth grade year.


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