High School Learning Activities

Thanks for your patience as we continue to add content. We are working with ways for our families who do not have Internet access to be able to have access to materials being posted. For students with wifi, Google Classroom and Moodle will still be the online learning platforms being used. New section for advisories have been added. We will post information about accessing student email if you have not been using it.

The PDF has all teachers and counselors at LAHS and their information. Teachers will be having office hours between 10 and 12 each day. They may also be setting up other times with their classes. Please be patient when waiting for a reply to email. It is staggering how many we are each receiving a day and it is impossible to keep up on all of them. Please give teachers between 24-48 hours to answer.

LAHS Online Platforms Click here to download the PDF of all teachers and counselors with their corresponding information. Students should have codes already except for the new advisory codes, which are on the sheet.

LASD Technology Help Desk

Please click on the help desk for any difficulties you are having.




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