Lewisburg Area School District Continuity of Education Plan

School District Lewisburg Area School District
Superintendent Dr. Steven Skalka
Address 1951 Washington Avenue
Lewisburg, PA  17837
Email/Phone skalka_s@lasd.us
570-523-3220, ext. 3204
Website www.lasd.us


Goal of Plan

To meet the academic and social-emotional needs of our students by providing a continuity of quality educational services including instruction, enrichment/practice, and supports for all learners during this time of public school closure.


Overview of Plan

The Lewisburg Area School District is providing a continuity of education for our learners by utilizing our Board endorsed curricular resources, additional resources shared through staff collaboration, and our teachers’ professional expertise. We are providing a hybrid model of content concepts and skills-based learning activities that also include review, and enrichment learning activities to engage our students. We are providing extensive resources for additional practice and enrichment as well.  We are utilizing virtual learning and traditional learning resources and are posting our materials online via our website and learning management systems, as well as sharing materials with students/families who access these materials in hard-copy format.


Expectations for Teaching and Learning

Lewisburg District is operating with Secretary of Education Rivera’s guidance to make our teaching and learning efforts in good faith and service to our educational community. LASD staff preK-12 have created, curated, and posted learning activities by the calendar week on the District website and through learning management systems in place in grades 6-12. We continue to update and post additional extension and practice opportunities as well on our website. Many staff members are using virtual means to ‘meet’ with classes to facilitate learning and provide assistance for students in subject specific content areas and advisory structures. Our virtual meetings enable us to interact with our learners and provide reassurance and maintain support for them at this time. All teachers are holding scheduled hours of availability to work with students, communicate information and provide formative feedback on learning activities, and stay connected with our students and families. School counselors, social workers, and other support service providers are also maintaining ongoing communication with students and families. We are providing technology devices in grades 4-12, paper/pencil packets for students and families who do not possess technology or who choose to have learning packets, and the full professional expertise of our teachers and associated staff.


Communication Tools and Strategies

We are using a variety of communication tools, including the district website, our School Messenger service, district email, student email, district moodle, Facebook, Class Dojo, Remind, Bloomz, Showbie, Flipgrid, tools within the Google Suite, and Zoom. Additional apps are used by staff at building levels for posting and receiving virtual assignments. In addition to these tools, our strategies for communication include staying apprised of current news, frequently updating our posted and shared information and resources, providing our communication in preferred languages as needed, and providing timely responses to questions or concerns shared by our staff, students and families.


Access (Devices, Platforms, Handouts)

The District has a 1-1 device program in place for grades 4-12. Students in grades 4 and 5 utilize iPads, and students in grades 6-12 have Mac computers. Our electronic platforms include learning management systems such as moodle, Google Suite resources, Zoom, teacher and student email, and our website postings and telephone interactions. Building level apps and means have been established for the submission and sharing of student work and provision of feedback. Our schools also provide hardcopy handouts as needed and requested and have facilitated printing and distribution of all learning materials and resources for our students and families.


Staff General Expectations

All teachers are creating, posting, and sharing learning activities for all students on a weekly basis. All teachers are establishing effective ways to stay in communication and connection with our students and provide feedback on their learning. Teachers have established hours of availability to students and families and are holding virtual classroom meetings with students. Teachers are working from remote locations and staying in contact with building level and district level administration. Our teaching staff, student support services staff, and building administrators across the Lewisburg District have maintained genuine concern and our highest standards of professionalism in providing both continuity of education and compassion for students and families as well as for one another as we work together through the challenges we face.


Student Expectations

Students are expected to participate in the learning activities, complete activities to the best of their abilities, and submit their work to their teacher(s). Work will be reviewed and feedback provided by teachers in order to guide continued learning.


Attendance / Accountability

Through our virtual class meetings as well as the student work submitted, we will have a ‘best sense’ of student participation and our staff and administration will work together to communicate with students and families to encourage participation and/or make a wellness check.


Good Faith Efforts for Access and Equity for All Students

Access and equity have been and will continue to be compelling considerations in our planning and implementation of our good faith approach to teaching and learning articulated in this plan.

We have utilized our existing 1-1 device distribution structure already in place to assure that all students in grades 4-12 have access to our learning activities. We are working through access issues with respect to devices and internet service.

We have provided hard copies of all learning activities for grades preK-5 through our availability options of online postings and physical distribution.

The weekly learning plans include many considerations and modifications for varying levels of readiness to learn, challenges with preferred language, and provisions of specially designed instruction.

We are utilizing the expertise of our staff to provide and adapt and meet the needs of our students in these extraordinary circumstances. Our PLC structures in place afford us collaboration and concerted attention to individual student needs in order for them to participate meaningfully in their learning.

We continue to collaborate with our staff,  our related student services staff, and our administrators to stay attuned to individual and collective student needs, and we are keeping ourselves apprised of the evolving aspects, both state-wide and with our students and families, as we continue to provide our teaching and learning.


Special Education Supports

Our general education teachers, special education teachers, and related services providers have worked together to address student needs and adaptations/accommodations for learning in good faith effort. Students are provided with virtual means to connect with staff and peers when possible. Staff are providing appropriate supplemental resources.

Our Coordinator of Special Education and our teachers are vigilant of special education document timelines and conduct meetings through remote means and/or online. All means of communication are in use to allow teachers and support services staff to maintain ongoing connection with our students and families, and all interactions have documentation.


ESL Supports

Our ESL program specialists are working in conjunction with our general education teachers to provide learning activities for our students. Students can access their learning through established virtual means or with hard copy materials. Our specialists are maintaining hours of availability to assist students and families and offer virtual small group learning. Learning materials are translated as needed to assist students and families, and our staff and support staff who assist in translation are maintaining communication.


Gifted Education

Our teachers working with our gifted program are providing opportunities for learning and activities that meet provisions outlined in GIEP documents as well as optional enrichment activities. Virtual classrooms are in place for students to access small group interactions, and our program teachers are maintaining hours of availability to work with students.

Our Coordinator of Gifted Education and our teachers are vigilant of gifted education document timelines and conduct meetings through remote means and/or online. All means of communication are in use to allow teachers and support services staff to maintain ongoing connection with our students and families, and all interactions have documentation.


Building/Grade Level Contacts

Mr. Christian Ruhl, Principal, Kelly Elementary School (Grades K-3)

Mr. Jeremiah Bennett, Principal, Linntown Elementary School (Grades 4-5)

Mr. George Drozin, Principal, Donald H. Eichhorn Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Ms. Paula Reber, Principal, Lewisburg Area High School (Grades 9-12)

Mr. Eric Wetzel, Assistant Principal, Lewisburg Area High School (Grades 9-12)

Mrs. Pamela Kramer, Coordinator of Special Education, Gifted Education and 504 Services

Mrs. Cathy Moser, Assistant Superintendent, Lewisburg Area School District


Resource Links

https://www.csiu.org/Page/2650 (CSIU compilation of resources)

www.lasd.us  (District files of all resources)

www.pdesas.org (SAS website for standards, instructional strategies)

www.education.pa.gov (PA Dept. of Education)

www.pattan.net (PA education site for resources and training)

http://www.learningathomepa.org (Pennsylvania Public Broadcasting system)

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