Linntown Activities


Grade Level Subject Area Online – Downloadable – Printed Activity Brief Description Link
4-5 Reading Online Scholastic Magazine Fiction/Non-Fiction Articles with accompanying activites/projects/ideas
4-5 STEM Online STEM Activities Weekly newsletters with a variety of STEM related activities
All Parent Tips Online Parenting Tips/Podcast Parenting Tips during coronavirus closure/podcast
4-5 Math Directions (online) Math War A variety of ways to practice math concepts using the game War
5 Art Online Recycled Magazine Bowls Use recycled magazines from home to make a functional bowl
Math Online Prodigy Students can practice math skills as teachers can create a learning plan for them
All Student Self Care Online, print, download Coping Tools List
4-5 Reading Online Storyworks Students are able to read current and past Storyworks magazines
4-5 All Online/App Adventure Academy Adventure academy is essentially ABC mouse for older children ages 8-13. Learning materials for reading, math, science, etc. With the code SCHOOL7771 you can sign up for free now!
4-5 Science Online Science Experiments Science experiments you can try at home
4-5 Math Online Math Facts Practice your math facts from home
4-5 Science Online Coding Learn computer science through coding
4-5 Music Online, Downloadable Incredibox Practice layering of music and combining beats through virtual beatboxer
4-5 Music Online Online Lessons Everything from note reading, to composers, to composition. Different levels of difficulty.
4-5 Music Online Music Tech Teacher Reinforcement for concepts in music through games/quizzes.
5 Band Downloadable App Acapella Students can play different parts of duets and combine them
4-5 Band, Music Online Rhythm Randomizer Practice counting/clapping/playing various rhythms. Teach someone else the rhythm!
4-5 Band, Music Online, Downloadable Music Theory Practice note names, key signatures, accidentals, and reading notation
4-5 Band, Orchestra Online Sight Reading Factory Practice different sightreading activities
4-5 Music Online Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Activities and lessons from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum​
4-5 Library/all subjects Online KidsInfoBits database by Gale Kids InfoBits introduces elementary schoolers to database searching with easy-to-use resources featuring age-appropriate, reliable, curriculum-related content covering a broad range of educational topics.
4-5 Library/all subjects Online Scholastic Learn at Home Day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing.
4-5 Library/reading Online/download MackinVia Audio books that you can checkout for a week from our Linntown collection. Find our school, log in with your un and pw (grad year, last name, etc)
4-5 Library/all subjects Online PBS Learning Media A curation of videos, interactives, and lessons from PBS in a variety of content areas for a selection of ages including upper elementary.
4 Art Online Abstract Self-Portrait Create abstract self-portrait with digital media
K-5 Science Online Mystery Science Mini Science Lessons
K-8 Science Online Generation Genius Standards based videos, activities, quizzes, etc…
4 ELA Online IXL Language Arts Skill Practice
4 Math Online IXL Math Skill Practice
4 Science Online IXL Science Skill Practice
4 Social Studies Online IXL Social Studies Skill Practice
4 Math CC Online IXL Math PA CC Skill Practice
4-5 Art Online Youtube – Art with Mrs. Worden Step by Step Drawing (Emily was a Lewisburg parent and Miff. Art teacher – moved to Maryland – Currently teaches at Anne Arundel County Public Schools)
All Science Online Environmental Education Resources, Lesson Plans, Student Activity Guides…
All Foreign Lan. Online/App Duolingo Free Foreign Language learning website or mobile app
4-5 library/all subjects online PebbleGoNext The publisher Capstone is offering free access during school closures to their PebbleGo Next databases. They help students in Grades 3-5 learn about key concepts related to Social Studies, Biographies, Science, States, and American Indians. Robust articles, all supported by read-aloud audio and connected to curriculum, include critical thinking questions to help students connect to larger ideas. Username: engaged1 password: learning1
4-5 library/reading online Capstone Interactive Interactive ebooks on different subjects, in a variety of genres and at various levels. Every title is supported by audio recorded by professional voice-over artists. Spanish titles available. Username: continue password: reading
5 Art Online Video Video and Learning Activity

Video for students:

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 5th Grade Learning Activity Link:

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