MS Choral

Sarah Tiede – Choral Director

DHEMS Chorus info


When: Saturday June 5th


Who: Concerts will be performed by Grade Level
12:00pm -8th grade- all ensembles
2:00pm -6th grade- all ensembles
4:00pm -7th grade- all ensembles
Where: Pawling Sports Complex.

Concert attire:
  Solid Spring Colors- Clothing should follow school dress code and be appropriate for a performance- think along the lines of “business casual”.

Options include:
-Khaki shorts – should be Bermuda style or knee length.
-Solid color Skirts/Dresses- Should be Knee Length or longer
-Solid color shirts- should cover the shoulder
-Flat soled shoes- (We will be outside on a grassy field, heels sink into grass.)

7th and 8th grade chorus is as follows:

Meet on day 3&6

Lunch A 7th grade  (10:54-11:24)
Lunch B 8th grade  (11:25-11:55)

6th grad chorus will meet as follows:

Meet on day 1 & 4

Currently we will meet both A and B
Lunch A (10:54-11:24)
Lunch B (11:25-11:55)

Ensembles do not rehearse on Wednesday
Each student will get their own folder to keep and we will wear masks to sing. We will also sit with social distance spacing in the GYMNASIUM.

Students coming in for chorus should enter the building through the office a little before their start time.

Click here for the cycle day (listed in the purple box on the calendar)


Middle School Chorusfest 19-20

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