Service Electric Cablevision Internet Service

With students at home now in an eLearning environment, Service Electric Cablevision (SECV) will offer 90 days free Internet service to students and teachers who do not already subscribe to SECV Internet.  This offer includes the 40M x 4M tier of Internet service, along with a free cable modem rental. It applies only to new internet customers that have not subscribed to SECV Internet service within the last sixty (60) days and other restrictions may apply.  Self-installation is required with the assistance of a technician outside the residence to ensure the safety of our employees. All new customers must provide written proof of their child’s current enrollment at a local school in SECV’s service area.  All teachers must reside in SECV’s service area and provide evidence of current employment status.  For more information or to enroll in the eLearning offer, please have students or teachers call us at 877.955.7328.

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