Vision, Mission, and Belief Statements

Our Vision: The Lewisburg Area School District is a learning community that prepares every child individually to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our Daily Mission: The Lewisburg Area School District will provide all students with a safe, respectful, and challenging learning environment that is student-centered, personalized, data-guided, and supported through appropriate technologies and shared leadership.

Superintendent’s Vision
  • Provide High Challenge and Low Threat for Students
  • Set High Expectations and Strong Support for All Staff
  • Keep the Focus on Teaching and Learning
  • Promote Expressions of Value and Worth for All Students and Staff
  • Provide a Safe and Secure Environment for All
  • Provide Effective Leadership
  • Create More Partnerships with the Community
  • Inspire Excellence in Our Students and Our Staff
Build a Caring, Learning Organization
  • Promote the concept of worthwhile work so all employees know how their efforts affect students
  • Ensure that all staff members are committed to the shared goals of the district
  • Promote ethical values to guide our actions
  • Establish clearly defined roles for all staff members so we are doing the right job and doing the job right
  • Cheer our progress by constantly identifying those responsible for doing things right
  • We must all realize that children are our greatest resource and good teachers are the best investment in their future
Aspirations for Students
  • All meet competent levels of academic achievement
  • All participate in a wide range of developmental activities
  • All feel a sense of worth and belonging
  • All see the worth in others and respect our traditions, values, and differences
  • All confidently matriculate to higher education, military, or workforce
  • All = All
Excellence can be attained if you:
  • Care more than others think is wise.
  • Risk more than others think is safe.
  • Dream more than others think is practical.
  • Expect more than others think is possible.
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