Career Counseling - Dr. Zack

Brenda A. Zack, Ed.D.

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Brenda A. Zack

The Career Counselor, along with the school counselors, provides career awareness and career development services across the K-12 program in the District, with an emphasis in serving students in grades 6-12. Using developmentally appropriate national standards (ASCA) and state standards (22 Pa. Code Chapter 4 PA Career Education and Work), the counselor works in collaboration with all school counselors to assist all school students in learning about work, and exploring employment and careers. Students will examine their own individual interests and aptitudes while developing and refining a personalized career development plan K-12. The Career Counselor works with stakeholders, including students and families, as well as counselors and faculty to deliver a comprehensive program within the school counselor framework of three domains: academic, career, and social/emotional development.

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