Local Ski Club Trips

The information below pertains to the trips organized to go to local mountains in Pennsylvania. These trips are for HS and MS students only. Family members of students attending a trip may also attend.

Ski season is coming! If you are interested in joining the Lewisburg School District Ski Club, please read over the following information regarding the upcoming trips we have planned to Montage Mountain and Elk Mountain for the 2022 season. The Ski Club is a district sponsored event but is divided into Middle School and High School clubs for accounting and logistical purposes. The clubs share trip dates but operate as separate entities concerning the collection of fees and bus transportation. These trips are for HS and MS students only.

Family members of students attending a given trip may attend that same trip, please fill out the appropriate family registration form and submit payment. Note - family members may attend a trip only if they have a student attending the same trip.

To get your student(s) signed up for the upcoming season please complete the following FOR EACH STUDENT ATTENDING A SKI CLUB TRIP.

1. Registration:Online registration must be done for each ski trip, for each student participating.

  • High school students must register using the High School link.
  • Middle school students must use the Middle School link.
  • Extra family tickets must use either the HS or MS link.

Online registration must be completed by Tuesday at 12 pm on the week of the trip. NO EXCEPTIONS!! All payments are due by this time as well.

Online Registration Form:

High School Student Registration (grades 9, 10, 11, 12)

Middle School Students Registration (grades 6, 7, 8) 

2. Health History Form:

Use the following link to complete the Online Registration for the students' Health form - SKI CLUB HEALTH HISTORY FORM

This is a digital google doc form. Each student must have a digital copy on file by filling out this form. This form will be used for ALL ski club related activities. A student DOES NOT need to print and turn in a copy of the form. This information will only be shared with authorized chaperones and emergency personnel if necessary.

No form = No participation

If students are taking any prescription medication at the time of the trip they must print, fill out and bring with them to the bus, the self-administering medication form.

Ski club Self-Administering Med Form- only if needed

HIGH SCHOOLERS - If you are going on the Vermont trip you do not have to submit multiple health forms. One form will cover all the local trips as well as the Vermont trip. 

3. PAYMENT: Turn in cash or check (payable to) "Lewisburg Area School District"

  • A check must be written for each student to cover their ski trip fee.
  • Middle school students turn their check into the Middle School
  • High school students turn theirs into High School
  • A separate check for family members must be presented - this check can be turned in to either building.


  • All Middle School students should turn their forms and payments into the main office at the Middle School
  • All High School students may turn their forms and payments into the main office or the athletic office.


  • Montage Mountain Trips - January 7th and 21st
  • Elk Mountain Trip - February 11th

Note: Times and Dates are subject to change due to weather conditions.


Bus Load Time from Lewisburg High School: Starts at 12 pm
Bus Departure Time from Lewisburg High School: 12:15 pm
Buses will load at the High School parking lot and will arrive at approximately 2:00 p.m. at the mountain.
Bus Load Time from Montage Mt: 8:00 pm
Bus Departure Time from Montage Mt: 8:15 pm

Parent Pickup Time: Buses will arrive at the High School parking lot by approximately 9:45 p.m.
Please make sure someone is there to pick up your child promptly. We will remind the kids of texting their parents when we get off route 80 onto route 15.

- includes bus ride, lift ticket
$85/trip - includes bus ride, lift ticket and ski or snowboard rental
$105/trip - includes bus ride, lift ticket, group lesson, and SKI/SNOWBOARD rental
$10/helmet - additional fee per visit to rent a helmet


Bus Load Time from Lewisburg High School: 9:45 am
Bus Departure Time from Lewisburg High School: 10 am
Buses will load at the High School parking lot & arrive at ELK at approximately 12:00 p.m.
Bus Load Time from ELK Mt: 7:00 pm
Bus Departure Time from Montage Mt: 7:15 pm
Parent Pickup Time:
Buses will arrive at the High School parking lot by approximately 9 - 9:30 p.m.
Please make sure someone is there to pick up your child promptly. We will remind the kids of texting their parents when we get off route 80 onto route 15.

$103/trip -
includes bus ride, lift ticket
$140/trip -
includes bus ride, lift ticket and ski/snowboard rental
$175/trip - includes bus ride, lift ticket, ski/snowboard rental, and lesson

$7/helmet - helmet rental

**Fees are non-refundable once you have registered and paid for the week. In the event of inclement weather, a determination will be made by 8 a.m. the day of the trip and notification made.

Payments should be made out to Lewisburg Area School District and dropped off at the locations mentioned above. Tickets will be ordered Wednesday and be given to the students on the bus ride up. Family tickets will be available for pickup Friday night.

Health forms and, if needed, the additional self-medication forms are due to the money drop off locations by Friday before the scheduled weekend trip.

EQUIPMENT: Skiers bringing their own equipment: please label all of your equipment since it will be stored in the luggage compartment of the bus. Ski Club members have experienced stolen skis or snowboards at Montage Mtn in the past. Therefore, advisors and Montage Mtn staff strongly recommend that skiers either lock their equipment and/or and check equipment at the lodge when not in use. Small ($4) and large lockers ($6) are available for storage of items.

Students may snowboard if they have their own regulation snowboard equipment that is acceptable to Montage Mountain. If you have any questions, you may contact Montage Mtn. directly at 570.969.7669. We do know that all snowboards at Montage Mtn. must have metal edges.

GUESTS: Families of Ski Club members are encouraged and welcome to drive separately and take advantage of the Group Montage Mtn Ski Package at $40 for lift ticket, $47 for either lift ticket with rental OR lift ticket with lesson(ages 12+), $70 for ski/snowboard rental, lesson and lift ticket.

There is a special section on the MS and HS forms for family members to sign in for a trip. Tickets for family members must be paid for separate from the HS or HS student payment. All additional family members should pay using one check.

The Mountaineers program is $70 and is available for ages 5-11, which includes a lift ticket, 2-hour hour lesson and rental. Snow tubing is available for $20 for 3 hours or $6 add-on to a lift ticket. Helmets are $15 per person per visit.

CHAPERONES play a huge part in determining the success of our club. As a courtesy, chaperones are given complimentary tickets for the bus, skiing and ski rentals if needed. Please sign up online when you register your student. We will make up a trip schedule and a lodge duty schedule after sign-ups. We would like to have 2 non-skiing chaperones on every trip.

SKI WEAR: Skiers/Snowboarders are encouraged to bring spare gloves, hats, and warm well-fitting socks. Snow pants and goggles make skiing/snowboarding more enjoyable. Helmets are MANDATORY. If the advisors or ski club coordinator see a skier without a helmet on the mountain, they will not be allowed on the next ski trip. NO REFUNDS!

FOOD: Skiers may either bring their own food for dinner or purchase food at the lodge. Skiers may also bring snacks for the bus ride and are asked to please clean up after themselves both in the lodge and in the bus!

LESSONS: Any first-time skier participating must take a lesson. Beginner skiers are also HIGHLY encouraged to attend the group lesson at 4:15 PM at Montage Mt. If we discover that a first-time skier skips the lesson, they will not be allowed to attend subsequent trips. This is for the safety of your child and other skiers. We cannot over-emphasize the importance of the skiing lessons Montage Mtn offers. Skiers need to understand that the purpose of the lesson is two-fold. Safety is of utmost importance PLUS lessons provide the opportunity to improve skiing. Every skier is urged to take a lesson each ski trip. Lessons meet in the front of the "waterslide" area--4:15 PM and 6:30 PM. These lessons may be taken as many times as needed before advancing. Snowboarding lessons are also available. There are basically six levels of lessons, as follows:1) Never skied before, 2) Tried skiing a few times. Reviews stopping and wedge turns, 3) Goes on left and skis on the "limited" slope, 4) Works on advanced wedge turns on the "limited" slope and (if qualified) moves on the "Mainline" slope, 5) Works on personal skiing habits. Normally starting on the "Mainline" slope, 6) Learns early parallel skiing. Starts on the "Mainline", "Spike" and other slopes, 7) High intermediate to expert levels.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY! Parents, please make sure that the Ski Club Coordinator or School Advisor has a phone number where you or your spouse can be reached on each scheduled Saturday ski trip, and PLEASE be available during the entire ski trip, which means 1:00 p.m. until 11 p.m. In years past, we have had some difficulty contacting parents of skiers who were injured, thus slowing treatment time, and making the Ski Patrol and chaperone's jobs more difficult. You may even be asked to drive up to a hospital near Montage Mountain if your child has an injury the Ski Patrol determines to be of a serious nature. In addition, parents/guardians should be aware that they may be asked to drive to pick up their child if there is a violation of any of the school's discipline policies. (Again, please refer to the Student Handbook for specific information regarding the school's policies.) The buses will not wait for the parent/guardian to arrive in the event of an infraction of the school's discipline policy.

Thank you for all of your cooperation and help in making this upcoming ski season fun and safe for everyone!

Ski Club Coordinators:

Jen Coughlin - [email protected] 

Elizabeth Burke - [email protected]

High School Ski Club Advisors:
Mrs. Kelly Beal - [email protected]
Mr. Kevin Britton - [email protected] 570-939-1359
High School Phone - 570-523-3223

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