LASD eSchool

General LASD eSchool Guidelines


LASD eSchool Enrollment

Parents/guardians wishing to enroll their student in the LASD eschool as the major source of coursework must be a district resident whose child is enrolled in one of the grades 1-12. Furthermore, they must meet with an instructional planning team, comprising of the building administration and school counselor, to determine the appropriateness of the placement. Other members of the district’s staff, such as the director of pupil services and athletics and teacher(s), will be included as appropriate. an educational plan outlining course enrollment, deadlines for completion, and credits attempted will be completed prior to enrollment.  The administrative team has the final authority to approve/disapprove admission to the lasd eschool program.

High school students will abide by the District’s course scheduling guidelines as outlined in the Course Selection Guide, with the exception of course enrollment and withdraw being limited to the first ten (10) class days after enrollment, rather than first two (2) cycles of a semester. Middle school enrollment will consist of core courses, one elective, and health. Enrollment for middle school courses will occur within the first two weeks of each marking period. Elementary enrollment will consist of core classes.

A student’s grades prior to enrollment in the LASD eSchool will be proportionally factored into the student’s cyber grade when appropriate. Likewise, a student’s cyber performance will be considered should a student choose to return to the brick-and-mortar setting.

Seniors may not enroll in LASD eSchool the second semester of their senior year without approval of the Superintendent or designee.

Students enrolled in cyber courses or LASD eSchool shall abide by all applicable school district policies and procedures.


The District may offer blended virtual options and operate an academy consisting entirely of virtual courses in which students can enroll.

Students must be District residents to enroll in virtual coursework.

The LASD eSchool approved virtual courses shall count towards class rank, GPA, honor roll, and athletic eligibility. The District shall set the weighting for LASD eSchool courses.

The District shall develop and/or purchase virtual courses that meet appropriate state and/or federal standards and are comparable with approved school district curricular offerings. All virtual coordinators and curriculum developers shall abide by all applicable school district policies, administrative guidelines, and procedures.

State and federal copyright laws and guidelines shall be adhered to at all times by all participating in the virtual course process.

Program Participation

The student shall:

  1. Participate in all state and district graduation requirements including, but not limited to, assessments, programs of remediation, and the graduation project in accordance with LASD policies and Pennsylvania state law and regulations.
  2. Complete all assignments, tests and projects required for completion of each course of study.
  3. Show evidence of engagement through regular attendance (evidence of log-in time and pacing of the completion of course assignments) and participation in the coursework assigned in accordance with course requirements. Compulsory attendance laws do apply to all LASD eSchool students. Students who fall ten (10) or more assignments behind in any course may be expected to come on site to school to complete coursework.
  4. Assume responsibility for communicating with each virtual teacher.
  5. Attend any scheduled meetings with an assigned district liaison to monitor progress and discuss any concerns.
  6. Arrange to take major or culminating assessments identified by the Instructional Planning Team in a proctored setting. These assessments include the PSSA and Keystone Exams, and any other assessments deemed necessary.
  7.  Accept responsibility for the care of district equipment provided and return it promptly when requested.
  8.  Comply with the LASD Policy 815 Acceptable Use regarding the use of the computer and Internet in the home.
  9. Complete all components of the LASD graduation project requirements.

The parents/guardians and family shall:

  1. Assure compliance with all LASD requirements including compulsory attendance.
  2. Support your child to ensure success in his/her educational program and with the requirements and expectations listed above.
  3. Assume responsibility for the cost of repair/replacement of the computer system or damaged parts as outlined in LASD Policy 815 Acceptable Use.
  4.  Maintain regular contact with the district regarding your child’s progress and accept responsibility for contacting the district when any problems or disruptions that impact the student’s educational program occur.
  5. Attend any scheduled meetings with an assigned district liaison to monitor progress and discuss any concerns.
  6. Monitor student progress and maintain oversight of your child’s educational program and compliance with this policy and all other district policies and guidelines.
  7. Provide Internet access and assume responsibility for all misconduct.

The Lewisburg Area School District shall:

  1. Provide students and parents/guardians with guidance in regards to credit and course selection.
  2. Assure compliance with all special education regulations.
  3. Account for the student within child accounting and other state reporting requirements.
  4.  Provide health services and guidance/career services and other district services as warranted to students in LASD eSchool.
  5. Track credits towards graduation and award the district diploma upon attainment.
  6. Provide the LASD eSchool program at no cost for enrollment, courses, or textbooks.
  7. Make district technology available for students, but the district does not assume the cost of Internet services. Acceptable Use Guidelines and other forms for the hardware must be completed.

Failure to comply with the provisions of this policy may result in the loss of opportunity to use LASD eSchool.

Additional uses of virtual courses may be identified on a case-by-case basis, including but not limited to student recovery from an accident, documented medical conditions, extended travel, and other extenuating circumstances. In all cases the administration maintains the right to limit enrollment in the LASD eSchool or other sources of District provided virtual coursework as defined by the parameters of this policy.



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